Friday, May 6, 2011

World Champions

Hello everyone. The last time I wrote something on this blog was the time when few things were still the things of present for us. Team India won the world cup 28 years ago, Kapil Dev was the only Indian Captain to hold that crown, Sachin Tendulkar was still dreaming for his 1st world cup glory, IPL advertisement were just hitting the screens, "Satya Sai Baba" was still among us,Royal wedding dates were just arrived, according to India Osama Bin Laden was still hiding in Pakistan though nobody was ready to believe in this thing.Here comes the blog after 2 months of time and many things are things of past now.

To start with, Team India is the World Champions now or rather should I say, "WE ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS" and this is really a feeling of lifetime. How a world cup victory can unite the whole nation, we witnessed that just a month ago. As they say, if you want to become champion, you need to play like champions, defy all the odds against you and most importantly beat all the sides in the world. And yes team India did everything written above. They played like champions when it matters the most. They chased down highest total in the final, become the 1st side to win the world cup on home soil. They went according to their strength and most importantly they won it for the man himself "Sachin Tendulkar". This was supposed to be his last world cup and god has done the justice with his favorite kid. After waiting for 21 years he got the ultimate prize and not only he but all of us, who have watched or "Worshiped" should I say, for last 21 years have taste the sweetness of this ultimate prize. Whole team weather it's captain cool or the most influential person among the top 100 in world "MSD", the man of the tournament Yuvraj Singh, the man with the golden arm Zaheer Khan, the ever reliable "Bhajji", sloppy in the field but reliable with the ball Munaf Patel, Mr. street smart as he was named by Gary Kirsten Gautam Gambhir, the man for the crisis Suresh Raina,all among the 15 member squad(not to forget the supporting staff specially Gary Kirsten) and last but not the least SRT, they all contributed to the victory in the best possible manner. I still feels like shouting with joy once I see that clip of Dhoni hitting Kulasekra over mid on and surely I will be doing that for years to come. Not only me but the whole India celebrated in this moment of happiness and joy. Don't often you see, Sonia Gandhi, Big B, SRK riding on the open jeeps with Indian flags on the road. Such was the influence of this victory. Well done team India and thanks for giving whole nation something to cheer with.

Many other big events too happened in the last couple of months. Satya Sai Baba of putaparthi passed away after an illness and all their devotees fell in shock. His work for the humanity and his teachings will always remain there among the followers and devotees of Satya Sai Baba. May god give peace to the divine soul.

The wedding of the century finally took place at Buckingham palace and the world witness that. Such was the curiosity among the people that it really become the talk of the town only to be taken over by death of the man who killed many,
"Osama Bin Laden". Finally United States of America, after 1o years of search operation, spending billions able to find and kill the man who terrorized world with his act against humanity. With the death of Osama the thing that was hiding for years now come in front of the whole world that Pakistan is the country responsible for the terrorist activity and the Government itself providing the aids to the terror activity's in the country. Hope this will mark the start of something good when it comes to end the terror and killing of innocent people by our neighboring country. One can imagine the influence of the death of Osama bin laden among the people of America and whole world, that the person who live blogged the operation of OSB's death has become a personality. In just span of two days, he has more than 1 lakh followers on the microblogging site twitter, has already been interviewed by leading news papers and news channels of the world and still going strong.

Personally for me, these two months have been little up and down as always. Some family problem forced to minimize the joy of being World Champions but still would love to thank God that everything is going smooth now. Working in the night shift these days, and workload in the office is such that whole night passes like a blink of an eye. I have never worked that much in my life, and too can easily say never ever I learned that much in just a span of two months. Good going I should say. So that's it for the time now. It was awesome to summarize the bunch of great activities happened in past few months in a single blog. I would love to end this post by congratulating SRT for the world cup win by writing few lines that I copied from movie Om Shanti Om:

"Itni shidat se tujhe mene pane ki koshish ki hai, ke har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki koshish ki hai. Wo kehte hain na ke yadi kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to puri kaynat tumhe usse milane ki koshish mein jut jati hai."

So till next post, stay fit, stay cool(though bit difficult as summers are coming) and have a nice time.


Munish Sharma

Saturday, February 19, 2011

World Cup 2011 Preview

The Image says it all.Yes the world cup is here and I am just going to write about that for next couple of months.First of all Happy new year to all.. Though it’s more than one month since the new year starts but still because it’s my new post so just would love to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous year 2011. Time is moving like a fast train and really feeling the heat with the span of time. But as i wrote in the last post that this year is going to be a very special one, not only for me but for the whole country and specially for the cricket fraternity. This whole nation is full of people following cricket more than anything, so next couple of months seems to be special for everyone. These are not only special because Cricket world cup is happening in India or subcontinent but because by any means this is India’s best chance to win it. And why not!!! This team is at the peak of it’s game and if form says something then yes, this side has caliber to repeat the heroics of 1983.
As a die hard cricket fan, this is really something enormous and exciting for me at least. So will be writing a lot about Cricket stuff for coming 2 months at least. Today I will look at all sides, their strong points and weaknesses. To start with The world cup Co-host India and one of the favorites to rewrite the 83 history. Though team India carry favorite tag in almost all the big tournaments but this time it seems as a necessity to just consider them as the biggest contenders for the world cup. Everything seems to be at place for them. Batsmen scoring runs of late, bowlers taking wickets specially spinners doing a wonderful job which is the best thing for any side playing in sub-continent, though pacers are a little worry but still they have capability to run through any side. If we look at the batting perspective for this side, they got 7 match winners in their batting line up which is a big plus going into a big tournament like this. And then they got, of course the special mention, The little master Sachin Tendulkar who is possibly playing his last world cup (though we would not mind him playing two more :p) this is a huge occasion. He has shine in almost all the world cups, so he knows what it takes to be at the personal best for the huge tournament like this. I will pick yuvraj, pathan, bhajji with sachin as team india’s game changers this time around.
Next I will talk about the defending champions Australia. They are always favorites when it comes to ICC trophies but this time around they seems to be lacking in confidence and this Australian side is just not looking like the old Australian side who has that never die attitude, so it will be great to see how they will they come up in this tournament. But still they got a very good chance of making it to the semis.
Next on the radar is co-host Sri-lanka and other favorite tagged side. They are favorite because they got a good opening pair, middle order, spin bowling but they certainly lacks in strong middle order. Their is almost nobody to back up Mahela, Sanga and Dilshan. So it will be interesting battle once they loose quick wickets. But still very much a formidable side. And with Murali is still around and hungry for wickets he will certainly want to make this last World cup as his last shot at the big prize. Semis seems to be a almost certainty for them. Next are another favorites South Africa but again they say they lack the big tournament pressure handling technique or we can say they choke when it matters the most. Talking about their side, they got a good batting line up with likes of Amla, Smith, AB Deviliars, kallis and duminy. And in bowling they got the best pace bowling attack but spin could be a problem but still will say, if they play up to their levels and don’t choke under pressure, they certainly are my pick up for semis. Now next are the four sides who are not the favorites but suddenly you can’t write them off as they all got World beater players but as a team how they come out would be a thing to watch out for. Pakistan got a talented side with likes of Afridi, akmal brother, razzaq,Misbah,younis and akhtar but their problem would be to play as a bunch of team and that will be most important thing in this big tournament. English side was looking in good shape in Ashes but really they are not the side tailor made for the ODI format and the loss of Eoin Morgan put them further into hole. But still with the likes of Pietersen, Collingwood, strauss, bell, anderson, swann this side could come up with few surprises. Black caps seems to be in totally disarray and they almost forget how to win a match. But hope that their big players Maccllum, Taylor, Ryder and vettori would come out with some inspirational performance to have some fight. Semis seems to be a big thing for them. Next is the Caribbean side but again they really almost forget how to win a Cricket match. But with likes of Gayle, Chanderpaul, Sarwan and pollard you can’t write them off. But surely they will get a huge fight from Bangladesh who as co-host really seems to be a dangerous side and are very much capable of pulling of few surprises in front of their home crowd.
So all in all this world cup seems to be a far far exciting and surprising then earlier editions. But before finishing off the post would love to predict something and would love to watch the output after at least one and half months.
Seems to be India, Australia, South Africa, Sri lanka are the sides to go upto the semis. And in the end it will be India that will surely come up triumph this time around.
In the end would just like to wish Team India Best of luck and hope they will bring the 83 glory back this time around. So till next post that will be after the India bangladesh match, have a nice time and have a happy cricketking month.
Munish Sharma.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Year Review 2010

What an astonishing year I have so far!!! I have faced almost everything this year. Started the year with injuries, accident, then job debacle then another job debacle and finally things are looking towards going somewhere in my favor at least. Hope this year would be the last as bachelor though will not be marrying next year but surely will find my soul-mate :) And feeling quiet good and refreshed as entering into perhaps my last year of bachelor life.Now that's enough of personal things, come back to the currently moving world which is around cricket for me and is moving quiet fast these days. It's been cricket cricket and cricket for last 3 months or so now. Earlier they talk about Team India is playing very few number of tests but now everybody feels they are playing too much of test. First 2 against OZ at home, then 3 against NZ and now will be playing 3 against SA. But as long as they playing good cricket and winning nobody will be complaining at least I'm not. This team India or the World's best ranked side is on a rampage these days. After being crowned world's no.1 side they are really playing like champions. The batsman are scoring runs under all conditions, bowlers are taking wickets and bhajji is scoring centuries, so it's all going India's way for last 2 years or so now.
I watched playing Sachin Tendulkar in but could have become a test to remember for ages in Mohali this September, and can just say it was the best experience of the life. The things about him that people talk a lot like his solid defense, Cover drive, on drive, square drive, punch of the back-foot, I almost witnessed everything in his inning except for the thing he known more, he missed on a well deserved hundred. India is on tour of SA now and match at super sports park centurion is about to begin in an hour. Hoping for a good series. And here come the prediction of the year. The way team India is playing it should be 2-1 (India). No more comments on this :).BTW SA have won the toss and are bowling first. So it will be clash of the season. Sehwag vs Dale steyn. Bring it on.
Oh forget to write about the religious place visited last month. Visited Golden temple in Amritsar. Really the peace and the way temple is decorated was worth watching. I Would love to go there again and again.
In the end could just say, end of a fascinating year in which at least my big desire of life to become a programmer is seems to be heading on a good path.
That's it from year 2010. Next post will be in the year which is going to most exciting in my life at least(fingers crossed though). So till 2011 it's good bye. Happy new year to all. Stay healthy and fit. Good luck.

Munish Sharma

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Cricket thing

I would love to start with a quote I read yesterday and was really worth reading. "My browser says delete your history and I choose College life". I gave that a deep look yesterday and thought that, was it that much bad that I really want to be deleted from life. Doesn't think so but yes few things would love to and too as early as I can. But then they say everybody has good and bad times in life. So that bad for me at least, so it's better to forget that and move on with the life.
Earlier I just used to write things related to cricket on my blog but really thinking of posting something else here too because I am not only a cricket freak but a Software Engineer too. So hope to mix passion with profession soon.
But today have miscellaneous things coming to mind. First one, of course related to cricket. Team India have a decent outing in last 3-4 months now. After a poor show in the T20 WC they come good in triangular series in Sri Lanka and then played fantastic cricket to square the series in SL which only one side has been able to do in last 10 years or so and unsurprisingly that is Australia which is exception in Cricket always. So much cricket going on these days as pakistan played their home series against OZ in England. First test it was just a matter of another OZ showdown but Pak does well to come up with good performance in second test to level the series. In recent past I really became fan of few of the Pakistani cricketers namely Ameer and Asif. Such deadly duo in the swinging conditions.
Another pretty interesting thing happen to me in last 3 month was that I got appreciation from Mr. Harsha Bhogle, one of the finest commentator in World. That was something to cheer about. Till next post ta ta!!! See ya.

Munish Sharma

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blog Post

First of all hi to all.. I don't remember when I last wrote anything on my blog but today going to write a lot. As so many things coming to mind today. Of course most things will be related to cricket. The IPL finally came to an end. And CSK despite all SRT's heroics, won it. So many things happened in this just one tournament that u can't narrate them all in just one post but would still love to write about all in just this post only.
First will start from tournament first week. It was well known from the start of the tournment the final four sides reached in the tournament will be side to watch out for but stll few have little doubt over MI because the way they have played in last two editions they are always favorites at the start and become under achievers at the end.But this time their captain take the responsibility to take team through and he almost succeedd in that but just fails at the last moment.
MSD did what he used to do, played out of skin in the do-or-die match against Kings X1 and won it single handedly and what happened after that is history. CSK won the IPL in second attempt.
IPL was too surrounded by so many controversies during and after the tournament, as it's popular commissioner Mr. Lalit Modi caught in the midst of so many controversies. Whatever happen, I will hope that IPL will return next year again for the IPL-4 with bang.
Now IPL part is over and I must move to the next part that is T20 WC and here I must say that history repeats itself for Team India at least. Like the WC 2009 Team India arrived in WI with favorite tag, they showed that potential in the match against SA but failed to short pitch stuff, terrible bowling and lazy fielding and in the end crashed out of the WC without winning a super eight match. But I must say one of the semis played become the best match ever played in T20s. It's not because Australia chased down 192 but it was because the way they chased it. I read some wonderful lines written on the cricinfo commentary page and they were just true as far as Australian cricket is concerned. I am copying those lines here as they all were worth reading. "Australianism prevails - : Australianism," wrote Arlott, "means single-minded determination to win - to win within the laws but, if necessary, to the last limit within them. It means where the 'impossible' is within the realm of what the human body can do, there are Australians who believe that they can do it - and who have succeeded often enough to make us wonder if anything is impossible to them. It means they have never lost a match - particularly a Test match - until the last run is scored or their last wicket down." Just read them as they are the greatest motivation for anyone. But Australianism just halted at the final stage. A determined England side led by KP won the final at last and too won their first ever ICC event.
That was for regular cricket update, next will move to some personal stuff as on blog they say you can express yourself not only by writing general things but you can too write personal things. Not too personal though :).
Life is going smooth, moving on a fast lane and have seen lots of up's and down's in last 8 months in smartData. Enjoying working though. I too have extended my social life and used to regularly update myself on social sites like twitter, facebook etc etc. But just don't get time to update the blog. But surely will be updating the same from today onwards regularly and will not only write related to cricket or sports but also related to some technical aspects. But for now, signing off as think have written enough for this post and too it's already 5:00 am in the morning and left with just half an hour in office.
Hope everybody is fit and fine. So till next post keep smiling.
Munish Sharma.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Funny Facts About Chandigarh

Hello to everyone.As u can see from the image above today I am going to write about city beautiful. These days I am getting enough time to use some part of my imagination and write something. And this time, I am going to write some wonderful and funny facts about my favorite city "Chandigarh". Although I too read them from somewhere but would love to share them with u all.
The following things are just true about city beautiful and few of these I am used to see daily:

1. University elections become more important than MLA, MC elections (SOPU, PUSU burrrahh)
2. You always have a 'pind' to goto every month.
3. You always have a separate budget (after buying a car) for bigger tyres, alloy wheels, stereo, woofer.
4. Shopping in guys' vocabulary refers to buying daru from Jugnu Ahata and soda, glasses from any confectionery.
5. Names like Neelam, Nirman, Kiran, Jagat, Batra, Piccadily(No more available though) aren't just names but entertainment centers.
6. Car-o-bar refers to drinking with glasses on the dickey of the car in sector 8 market late at night
7.Paranthe wale are the chefs who come out late at night at sector 16 to make paranthe and chai for late night party goers.
8.Abbreviations like GCG, MCM mean a lot without knowing their full forms.(Their full names are Govt College for Girls and Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV college for girls though :-h)
9.Guys speak in loud Punjabi when a group of girls passes by and girls start speaking in English every time a group of guys passes by.
10. The traffic cops start the challan drive in the last week of March to end the year in good numbers.
11. Everyone has a 'massi' in Canada, and a 'bhua' in UK.
12. Once upon a point Valentine's Day meant tractors on Gehri route and speeds of only 5 km.
13. A new year's bash is incomplete without a fight
14. Everyone has some political connection.
15. Stu C(Student Center Panjab University) is more popular with non students.
16. You are proud of being from a particular school and a passive member of its alumni group (YPS, Vivek, Sna, GNPS, Carmel, SJOBA etc.
17. Going to the dog show means checking out the girls more than the dogs
18. Owning a Bullet while still in school is an achievement.
19. Spending upto Rs 2 lacs on number 1 for a car's number plate does not raise any eyebrows.
20. Kinetic Honda scooter is referred to as Kiney and Bullet bike as Bullt.
21. You are proud of being a Punjabi.
22. 'Mallo Malli Khadak Piyan' sticker is found on many cars.
23. Guys are called by their surnames, (Brar, Sandhu bai, Dhillon) and followed by "Kiven aa, Kidaan!!
24. 22g, 62 is only understood by you.
25. You are shocked to find out when someone doesn't drink and is a vegetarian.
26. Many people are 'vella' when asked what they do.
27. Everyone's been to the Rock & Rose Garden and hate to show it yet again to family friends/relatives from other cities.
28. One hand, while driving, is on the 'muchh' and the other on the steering wheel.
29. A new car, bike etc. first comes to the Gehri route n later to the gurudwara or mandir.
30. Coke and Pepsi come in small 'Sheeshee'.
31. Your every sentence has a " Ma Di" or "Bhen Di".
32. Anyone and Everyone has had food at "Pal Da Dhaba" and "Giani Da Dhaba (Dharampur)"
33. Everyone has listened the song "Chandigarh kare aashiqui" by B21
34. Bikers are challaned even if the rider is not wearing a helmet and girls are allowed to ride without one.
35. While in school everyone waits for tuition time to finally talk to the special person (not in a uniform)
36. Very few ppl know about the Mosque in sector 20 and the Church in sector 18
37. Most ppl have been challaned more than once (for speeding mostly)
38. And most ppl have gone to the district courts in sector 17 to get their challans cleared (as it is cheaper than paying the fine at sector 29 police lines)
39. A good looking car turns more heads than a pretty girl
40. English speaking girls are usually referred to as "chinkan" or "jhankan"

Aren't these funny and interesting?? Yes they are. I laughed quiet a lot after reading all these, hope they will too make u laugh.

Keep Smiling and give your valuable feedback and suggestions.

Munish Sharma

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Happy Time

It's now really long long time since I have written something here. But feeling very happy and relaxed while writing today. Happy because life has taken U-turn suddenly and from nowhere i am feeling like settled somehow. Plenty of things happened in very short period of time but those all are not only surprising but pleasing too. I got a new job and guess what in the city where I have always dreamt of spending good time. Yes.. In City Beautiful(Chandigarh). I am working at smartData Enterprise as a Software Engineer. Although working in night shift but I am loving work in night shift this time around.I have so many people to thank for this new job. First God, (Job Site from smartData people pick my Resume) and a special thanks to Solgens Corp. It always feel good to do the work you are aiming for quiet while and I am really feeling good these days. Perhaps the best time of life. Hope it get carry on like this for sometime now.
Now would love to talk about the happy time I spent in the month of September. I got selected on 9th of September in smartData and since then have spend very good time. I am happy to sharing room with Gagan and Akhil with whom I spent three very good years during my hostel stay at lovely. I visited holy shrine of Naina Devi for first time last month and felt quiet good. The whole schedule has changed since new job. Its like wake up time at 5 in the evening, bath, some junky food, and then get ready for the office. And after spending 9-11 billing hours in the office from 8 to 6 in the morning, its almost exhausting. And then back to room after having breakfast.

Life has got more busier then it was earlier. Have very less time for myself but weekends are entertaining as have holiday on Saturday and Sunday usually. And there is no better place then Chandigarh to spend weekend. Shanti kunj, Rose Garden, 17 market, Sukhna lake and many others.
Sister's marriage is near at home(2nd December) and have very less time left for shopping and other things. But hope to get everything complete on time. Tonight would be living for home for Diwali Festival. Wishing you all Happy & Prosperous Diwali..

Keep Smiling :)
Munish Sharma